UpdatedWednesday June 2, 2021 byClearview Soccer Club.

Q. What health/safety precautions will be taken?

  • We will be following all recommended government health guidelines including but not limited to:
  • If you are showing signs or Covid-19 or Illness you must not attend the training sessions/games
  • Wash hands with sanitizer immediately before leaving home and after soccer activities and during water breaks
  • Do not spit at any time
  • Label your own water bottle and do not share
  • Cover mouth and nose with tissue or elbow (not your hands) when coughing or sneezing
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose, mouth
  • Players, coaches and volunteers are required to carry out ‘Contact Tracing’ protocols. Any person attending a training/ game session will need to be logged, including name, date of birth, address, and the times of arrival and exit of the facility
  • Wear face-masks when not playing
  • Bring your own water bottle and do not share
  • All “non-essential” contacts should be avoided (handshakes, high 5’s, etc.).

Q. How long is the season and what are the fees?

  • Based on the Ontario Government Opening Plan, We are planning on a season start the week of July 5th with an 8 week season (8 games total)
  • Child leagues fees are expected approximately $80 and ladies league $100 (based on participation and season time)

Q. Are parents and spectators allowed (all social distancing rules are expected to be followed):

  • Active Start U6 and younger
    • 1 Player + 1 Parent/Guardian/Sibling
  • U7-U9
    • 1 Player + 1 Parent/Guardian/Sibling

Q. When does registration end?

  • We would like to have as many players registered by June 14th, the date we expect to enter Phase 1 of re-opening.  If you cannot commit by this date, please still reach out if you’d like to or your child would like to participate

Q. What happens if the season doesn’t take place or if the season is protracted?

  • If the province does not start the entry to Phase 2 (to begin July 5th) on June 14th, we may need to postpone the season

Q. When is payment due?

  • We would like to receive payment before the season starts the week of July 5th.  If you feel you’ll have difficulty with this, please reach out to us and we can make arrangements