Bond Hour Program Detail

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Why does our Club need a Bond Program?

  • Clearview Soccer Club is a 100% volunteer-run organization and we need your help! 
  • Our mission is to provide a viable soccer club to the families in our community.  We run a soccer program for approximately 150 members.  The more we collectively put into this program, the more we ALL get out of it!

When are Bond opportunities available?

  • Bond Program opportunities are available annually from January to August 31.  Bond hours MUST be completed by the end of the current season.

How much is the bond fee?

  • Each family with one (or more) child(ren) registered in our Club is required to provide a bond cheque for $150, post-dated to September 30 of the year of registered play. This cheque is separate from the registration payment. 
  • Registration is ONLY COMPLETE once the bond cheque has been received by the Clearview Soccer Club.

Does everyone have to participate in the Bond Program?

  • Yes, ALL families who register a child with Clearview Soccer Club are required to participate in the Bond Program.

What volunteer activities are available?

  • Volunteer opportunities include, but are not limited to: helping at the team photos event, planning and running the year-end party, sorting equipment pre- and post- season, field maintenance, Coaching or Assistant Coaching, and participating on Executive (attending monthly meetings).
  • In order for activities to qualify as Bond, the activity must be signed up for ONLINE.  (See below) This allows for proper tracking of Bond Hours and easy communication to all volunteers.
  • To register as Coach or Assistant Coach, please do so through the REGISTRATION link on our website,, using same login as your child
  • To view and sign up up for ALL other volunteer opportunities, please visit our Sign-Up site here. The list is updated throughout the year.

If I have questions about the program - who should i ask?

Can my children work Bond hours for me?

  • Volunteers must be 16 years old to work Bond hours

How many Bond hours do we need to work?

  • The minimum requirement for each season is three (3) Bond hours per family (if you are able to contribute more, we welcome your time and enthusiasm!)

What if I want to contribute to Clearview Soccer Club via a sponsorship?

  • With a minimum $150 sponsorship, Bond hours will be waived for the season in which the Sponsorship is paid.

Are volunteer discounts available?

  • With the Bond program in place, volunteer and/ or coaching discounts are NOT available. 
  • The only exception is for Executive volunteers, who qualify for a year-end discount if they have attended monthly meetings and participated in Board-related activities.

If you have any questions or concerns about the program that have not been addressed here, please contact our Bond Officer and Coordinator