Bond Hour Program Detail

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Why does our Club need a Bond Program?

  • Clearview Soccer Club is a volunteer based organization and we need your help!  Our mission is to provide a viable soccer club to the youth in our community.  We run a soccer program for approximately 250 children in our community and the more we put into this program, the more we will get out of it!

When will the program start?

  • This volunteer program started in the 2016 playing season.  Bond opportunities are available annually from January to August 31 each season.

How much is the bond fee?

  • Each family will be required to provide a bond cheque for $200 post-dated to September 30 in year of registered play. This cheque seperate to the registration payment. Registration will not be counted as complete until the bond cheque has been received.

Does everyone have to participate in the Bond Program?

  • All families who are registering a child in Clearview Soccer Club are required to participate in Bond Program.

What volunteer activities are available?

  • Volunteer opportunities will include, but are not limited to, helping at the photo night, helping with the year-end celebration, participating on executive, coaching and setting fields for games.
  • In order for activities to qualify for Bond Hour Program, the activity must be signed up for transparency and communication purposes online.
  • For signing up to be a coach, assistant coach, manager or flags person please do so using same login as your child and regsiter yourself for your desired task at:
  • Or you can view and signup up for additional volunteer opportunities here. The list may be updated, so please check back periodically.

If I have questions about the program - who should i ask?

Can my children work bond hours for me?

  • Volunteers must be 16 years old to work bond.

How many bond hours do we need to work?

  • The requirement for each season will be 3 hours per family.

What if I want to contribute to Clearview Soccer Club via a sponsorship?

  • When a minimum $200 sponsorship, Bond hours will be waived.


With the Bond program in place, coaching discounts will no longer exist. Executive postion will qualify for year-end discounts.

If you have any questions or concerns about the program that have not been addressed here, please contact our Bond Hours Coordinator